Preparing For the Next Act

Demolition has begun on the old YMCA building at 38 Roxbury Street. For many, it’s a bittersweet sight seeing the old walls coming down. The building holds fond memories for so many families in our community. MoCo Arts looks forward to creating wonderful new memories on this site with the establishment of an expanded downtown hub of creative education, accessible to all youth who want to experience the joy of growing in the arts.

Over the next several weeks the rest of the building will be taken down piece by piece. Site grading will then be done in preparation for construction. If fundraising allows, construction will begin on the new MoCo building at 38 Roxbury Street in the spring.

Demolition of the old YMCA at 38 Roxbury Street. 

Schematic of new MoCo building at 38 Roxbury Street.

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