The Community

The Community


MoCo has been located in downtown Keene for 25 years, becoming an important part of Keene’s Main Street economy. The new site at 38 Roxbury Street will allow MoCo Arts to remain a key part of the creative economy that adds so much to the vibrancy of downtown Keene.

We know that transportation is a barrier for many students in the region. The convenient downtown location allows our students to travel to classes by school bus, bicycle, or on foot.

MoCo’s current location at 76 Railroad Street.

Why is being downtown important for MoCo?

  • Students can access MoCo classes by public transportation, bicycle, or on foot.
  • Students/families are patrons of the local coffee shops, grocery stores, gas stations, and more.
  • Attracting new businesses to vacant Main Street lots.

Yes! I want to add to the vitality of Keene’s downtown community!

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